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The Church of Sant'Ignazio

In 1562, Roma had only one church around all the city, The Assumption Chapel, where all Christian, who lived in Roma, prayed an listened “Word of God”, This chapel was decorated by Zuccari painter, but, in middle of XVII century, Roma Christians increased and the old chapel of Assumption didn’t support the multitude of Christine and roman, therefore, in this time, the Ludovisi family and one of its members, the pope Gregorio XV financed all cost of the new big church, of course, this new church was dedicated to new Saint canonized by that time: Saint Ignatius of Loyola. The church of Sant Ignazio contains the art works of most important artist in these times like Domenenchino, Maderno y Algard. However, other important painters leave their art works here, most of them were Jesuits for example, Andrea Pozzo and the architecture Orazio Grassi. Therefore, the church is a masterpiece.

The Church of Sant Ignazio has Baroque style influence in all its structure. The front is austere but the interior is a concert of paints, decorations and sculptures, most of them reflect the Saint Ignazio de Loyola Life. The church has a large room with three important chapels in each side and a center body that form a Latin cross. Of course, every roof of the church has been painted by Andrea Pozoo, the imagines reflect, parts of The Old Testament, life of the patron saint and the actions that realized the Jesuit missioner in all continents for example, Africa, Asia, Europe inter alia. The Church of Sant` Ignazio shows us the magnificent art that are each church, temples, and chapels in Roma, all of them were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

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