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Coliseum of Rome

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Roman Colosseum, is located in the Italy capital, Roma. In the beginnings, the structure was named Flaviaís amphitheater, because, the financial group of the coliseum was the emperor's family, the Flavia dynasty. However, the Colossus of Nero was a very famous sculpture located in the entrance of coliseum; this one was the principal reason to call the structure colosseum, the Roman Colosseum.

All construction period of the roman colosseum, lasted 12 years, since 70 until 80 A.C, and was inaugurated by Domiciano Flavio. Its inauguration lasted 100 days with different activities like shows with fierce, gladiatorís fights, executions of Christians and recreation of historic battles. Of course, the high class of Roman society, the emperorís family and the same emperor occupied the inferior part of coliseum tribunes, near of battle camp, in this way, the Roman middle class was in the middle of tribunes and the lower class occupied the high part of tribunes, the far side, beside in this place was celebrated games in honor of the Roman Emperor.

The Roman colosseum entertained Roman people during 500 years with different shows and activities, the last games in this place was celebrated in VI century, after that, the coliseum ceased to be host and witness of gladiatorís fights, recreation battles and other many activities, around the High Middle Ages. Years passed and the structure was use like shelter, factory, and home of a religious order, strength and quarry. Other edification of Roma were built with stones and ruins of the Roman Colosseum, but more later the local served as Christian shrine because in this place the most horrible Christian executions were develop to Roman people entertainment.

Nowadays, the structure is very weak because the earthquakes weakened the basis of its structure and the human factor (quarrymen) destroyed the Roman Colosseum front and interiors. However, it is one of the Roman buildings most preserved around the World. This coliseum was named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1980, besides in these days, it is still an important catholic center in Italy, Europe and the world because the Pope continues arriving to this point, the good Fridays, in the rout of Viacrucis.

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