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Education in Rome Education was essential for Romans since ancient times. Initially knowledge was passed through generations then it was imparted in all the provinces of the Empire. First primary schools were aimed at boys, regardless social status. On the other girls were groomed to do the domestic house chores. Boys from rich families went to secondary school until 15 years old and only boys from the highest social class had the opportunity of higher education. Nowadays, the Roman Education system is addressed to boys and girls.

The Italian Education system is divided into three levels:
  • Primary School:
  • Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary School

Small children are looked after in Asile nido or nurseries. There education is compulsory for nine years (primary and secondary school) and it’s free in state schools.

Rome is considered as the international center of higher education, because its system education boasts numerous academies, colleges and universities. The first University is La Sapienza (Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza) which is ranked ranks among the top 30 European Universities according to University Rankings. Furthermore it is the largest and the oldest educational institution in Rome.

La Sapienza conduct a wide range of examinations due to the large demand for its University courses. On the other hand other faculties perform simple entrance tests. Therefore it is better to be prepared in order to pass all required examinations.

Finally in Rome you will find many opportunities to study a MBA. Thanks to the high education standards of its business school, your chances of success in business world will be very good.

The university admissions department follows a well defined and detailed admission process. This process judges candidates on a number of parameters. International candidates are admitted through direct applications based on Italian spoken and typing abilities. If you want to improve your typing skills, then you will also find many resources that will help you. A good example of these resources is When you learn to type better you gain benefits like Fewer errors, Speed and Confidence.

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