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Employment in Rome

Employment in Rome Rome, as the capital city of Italy, has many institutions, private and governmental organizations that surely have many job offers for you; not only national institutions but also many American, French and German organizations have their offices in this city. Rome is one of the most important destinations in Europe and also in the world. The tourism is also a good opportunity to find seasonal jobs in Rome, specially in spring and summer seasons when the city is visited by people worldwide.

Rome has one of the lowest unemployment rates of all European-Union capital cities but find a good job should be difficult task. Improve your resume and cover letter or get in touch with employment agencies in Rome should be increase your opportunities to get the job you deserve.

Employment agencies in Rome

That's why many foreign students have Rome as one of the main possibilities to work in; the large number of companies and good salaries are making of Rome an important business center; if you are thinking about working there then you can check out some employment agencies online, these agencies play an important role because they assist people with their job search and provide companies with applicant's information.

There are many Rome employment agencies that provide people with all necessary information and encourage them to apply for the job vacancies available in the job market. However, some people prefer to find a job through newspaper advertisement or online Italian newspapers.

Job interview tips

If one of these methods can give you a result, companies will check your profile and will want to know more about you; finally they will arrange a job interview. Before the interview, practice your Italian because Italian employers prefer to do business in their own language, you can learn Italian language in a school or with the help of some website. The day of the interview remember: that is the opportunity you have been looking for, so donít waste it; dress up properly and show confidence and respect, never be late and at the end of the interview thank all the interviewers.

But if you are thinking of another country as a second option, you should consider the USA. Itís advisable to check some state jobs in this country and see if you will get more benefits there than in Rome.

How to write a professional cover letter

Also pay attention to the resume and cover letter if you want to get a new job or improve your career. To be succeeded you should follow some writing tips to boost your resume and cover letter. Some resume and cover letter examples are available at but you must consider adapt and add your personal touch to these examples.

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