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Gay & Lesbian in Rome: Bars and Clubs

Very near Termini Station, this video bar on three floors features music, big screens, "video hard", a discotheque and a dark room. It has special theme evenings, too, such as "Army Night" on Thursdays, and there's a Sunday Tea Dance starting at 5pm. Via Aureliana 38 Tel: 06.4201.3286. Metro Termini. Thurs-Sat 10pm-3am, Sun 5pm-2am.

Predominantly - but by no means exclusively - male venue that's one of Rome's oldest and best gay clubs. Downstairs there's a multi-room cellar disco and upstairs an open-air bar. There's a big terrace to enjoy in the warm months. Situated in the middle of the lively Testaccio neighbourhood, with lots of fun restaurants and a plethora of activities in the summer. Free admission Wed & Thurs. Other nights L20,000. Via Monte Testaccio 44 Tel: 06.574.3448. Bus #75. Wed-Sun 11pm-4.30am.

Every Friday here at 10.30pm it's the "Muccassassina", a thoroughly gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender event sponsored by the Mario Mieli Cultural Association. It's a great night, with three different discos pounding away, a garden open in the warm months, and special events, such as drag shows and amateur male strippers. It costs L18,000 to get in, which includes one drink. Via del Commercio 271/b Tel: 06.541.3985. Bus #75 or Metro B Piramide. Fri only 10.30pm-4am.

A big-screen video bar upstairs, erotic videos and dark room downstairs. Located in the Termini area, near the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. One-drink minimum for L6000. Via dei Quattro Cantoni 5 Tel: 06.482.8820. Metro Termini. Most nights 10.30pm-2am, later on Fri and Sat.

Edoardo II
Right in the middle of the old Jewish Ghetto, just off Piazza Venezia, this medieval torture chamber theme bar, named after the infamously gay English king, is actually pretty tame. Quite a young crowd and conveniently cruisy if you're having a wander through the centre of town. Membership is required, but it's free. Vicolo Margana 14 Tel: 06.6994.2419. Bus #63 or #64. Tues-Sat 10pm-2am.

A friendly Trastevere bar, with a relaxed atmosphere and a nice setting, just behind the main piazza. A nice mix of Italians and foreigners, presided over by Tom, the Irish proprietor. No admission charge. Drinks start at L5000. Vicolo di Santa Margherita 1/A Tel: 06.5832.0782. Bus #H or #75. Wed-Mon 10pm-2am.

A bit of a step from the city centre, this multi-gender club specializes in theme nights, covering everything from erotic cartoons to drag lessons to sexy couple contests and more. L15,000 entrance. Via Faleria 9 Tel: 06.7049.7638. Metro A Re di Roma. Tues-Sat 11pm-4am.

About halfway between Termini and the Roman Forum, just off Via Cavour, this is one of Rome's oldest and least expensive gay spots, always crammed with young people. Monday night features gay videos, and Saturday night it's almost impossible to get in the door it's so jammed. There's no charge to get in, you just take a ticket and pay when you leave for whatever you've had to drink. Via in Selci 29 Tel: 06.488.1397. Metro B Cavour or Metro A Vittorio. Tues-Sun 10.30pm-2am.

Jam Session
Wednesday night here is "gay party" night, with Seventies and Eighties disco music and loads of buff young Italians - a somewhat posey affair. The L10,000 entrance fee includes a drink. Via del Cardello 13/a Tel: 06.6994.2419. Metro B Cavour. Wed only midnight-4am.

Joli Coeur
Pretty far from the centre, in the Villa Ada area, but this club features Rome's only lesbian night every Saturday. Via Sirte 5 Tel: 06.8621.5827. Bus #310 or #63. Sat only 11pm-4am.

Saturday nights are gay nights at this eclectic club. Via Tagliamento 9 Tel: 06.855.5398. Bus #63. Tues-Sun 11pm-4am, Sat & Sun also 4-8pm for youngsters.

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