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Health Care in Rome

Healthcare in Rome National Health Service, which manages the National Medical System in Rome, this system is funded by IRPEF and IRAP (direct taxation) and is value-added taxes (VAT), which also are intended for schools.

The Local Health Service has the records of those enrolled (all citizens, residents and foreigners) that receive the following benefits:

  • Free Medical care.
  • Free Hospital services.
  • Discount on their medical and dental outpatient.

Learn a health care career in Rome

Medical schools

Medical schools in Rome

The professionals in medical industry and healthcare are most required in the world, at most medical schools, the duration of the career is 6 years (12 semesters), and traditionally the first three years students take courses on Biology and in the next three years they undergo clinical subjects.
Nursing schools

Nursing schools in Rome

Nursing education provides a balance between theory instruction and clinical experience in healthcare centers, nursing schools offer their student courses on anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition and other healthcare sciences, an aspirant to nurse should be sympathetic, responsible and caring.
Pharmacy schools

Pharmacy schools in Rome

Pharmacists give information, doses, and interact with patients; some pharmacy schools include an internship period in which students develop abilities and the required skills to be a good pharmacist, a pharmacy school provides the following careers: pharmacist, pharmacy aide and pharmacy technician.
Dental schools

Dental schools in Rome

Dental Education is focused on oral medicine and in multidisciplinary programs, it also develops humanistic and social training for their students, the students must choose an elective subject such as dental implantology, endodontic, orthodontic, maxillofacial surgery and other related ones; dental schools provide the society with trained and skilled dental professionals to serve.

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