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Rome was home to one of the most influential cultures worldwide, and its founding goes back to early days of civilization and due to its antiquity (over 2800 years of existence) and the archaeological evidence of over 14000 years, itís known as the Eternal City. According to legends, the origin of its name comes from the first ruler: Romulus, that were raised with his brother Remus by a she-wolf and after killing Remus named the city both built as Rome.

Romulus and Remus Before the formation of Rome as a Republic, there were several cultures that ruled in this part of Italy such as: Etruscans, this culture expanded into north-central Italy. According to history, there were 7 kings that ruled in Rome starting with Romulus Rome history canít be reduced into an only one page, so we divided Roman history into 6 main periods, and each one will be detailed.

Rome History
The Roman Republic The Roman Empire  The Christian era
The Roman Republic
Rome was operated as a Republic headed by two praetors called consults, the highest government officials.
The Roman Empire
The period of Roman Empire was characterized by the power of the roman governors, and the expansion of the Roman Empire.
The Christian era
The Christian era was characterized by some of the most famous masterpieces with religious themes and religious buildings.
The Renaissance and Counter-Reformation The eighteenth century to World War II Modern times
The Renaissance and Counter-Reformation
Roman renaissance led a huge number of famous artists and architects that influenced art worldwide.
The eighteenth century to World War II
Some trascendental events happened in this period of Rome history, such as: World War II, the bombing of Rome, and more.
Modern times
Rome is one of the most important cities worldwide, and reflects all its history because it has become an unparalleled repository of ancient monuments.

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