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MAY 25
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Modern times

Since the war, Italy has become renowned as a country which changes its government, if not its politicians, every few months, and for the rest of Italy Rome has come to symbolize the inertia of their nation's government - at odds with both the slick, efficient North, and the poor, corrupt South. Despite this, the city's growth has been phenomenal in the post-war years, its population soaring to close on four million and its centre becoming ever more choked by traffic. Though famous in the Sixties as the home of Fellini's Dolce Vita and Italy's bright young things, Rome is still, even by Italian standards, a relatively provincial place, and one which is in some ways still trying to lug itself into the twenty-first century.

Great efforts were made to prepare the city for the arrival of the Millennium and the millions of visitors who came to celebrate the Jubilee (Holy Year) declared by the pope, and the city is looking better than ever; museums and monuments that have been closed for decades have reopened to an eager public. Traffic congestion is still a major problem in the city centre, but by the time you read this, it's hoped that there will never have been a better time to visit Rome.

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