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Insurance in Rome

Insurance in Rome About health care in Rome:
Medical service in Rome is very good; doctors are well trained so they can take good care of their patients and prices are nothing to be afraid of because they are cheap in comparison with other countries. Emergency care is also available for any visitor.

The Italian government manages the NHS (National Health System) so the attention in local hospitals is free in some cases and citizens of the European Union can be attended for low prices. The national health insurance system also offers free medical attention and treatment, this system works with specialists such as: pediatricians, obstetricians and other specialists.

Having insurance in Rome is very important; if you want to have a temporary resident permit, it is essential to have one. They guarantee you’ll receive the necessary care when needed; otherwise, the Italian government does not grant immigrant visas. There are some plans that cover medical expenses whether for treatment, operations, queries, etc.

If your country belongs to the European Union you have to ask for a certificate called E-111 three weeks in advance, you can be attended only if you carry the photocopy of that certificate.

If you want to find out what are the benefits for being a citizen of the European Union, you must go to the foreign office, there you will be handed a booklet of attention valid for three months.

At any case of emergency you can call to 118, if the attention is not considered an emergency, you may have to pay for medical care.

Other kinds of insurances are:

Car insurance

Car insurance, always required if you plan to drive. In some cases, it is advisable to change plans to get more benefits during your stay in Italy. You should know more about the types of car insurances, and here we explain some of them:
  • Coverage to third parties: This type covers paying civil repair, theft and breakage of windows.
  • All risk coverage: this type covers all the expenses for any type of incident. This type of coverage is more expensive and its price depends on the agency you contract it.
It is advisable to choose the insurance plan according to the age of the car; insurance costs vary according to the characteristics of the car such as brand, color, model, etc. In case you do not own a car, you can rent one. You should buy insurances with an average of 25 dollars per day; these should cover collision damage and theft. Several insurance companies offer this coverage but when you choose one, make sure that you know what you are buying.

Travel insurance

Visiting Rome is a very good option; no one is free from unexpected events. If you make a trip whether for pleasure, business or work, you should take into consideration that you could suffer an injury or fall ill. It is best to buy a travel insurance policy that is responsible for medical expenses and health care depending of your situation. In addition, there is also the possibility of losing your belongings or suffering a robbery, all these factors are considered in the travel insurance policy. Find out the details of your insurance.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is the best way to save your income or a part of it. Purchasing a life insurance policy is a simple step to secure your family and yourself. Life insurance is a calculated value in cash which varies according to the monthly contributions you give and the type of benefit you want from it.

Some insurance companies give you the possibility to change your insurance plan according to your current situation and including the accrued interest monthly fix.

Home Insurance

Protecting your assets is a fact, as it is the fruit of many years of work. That is why you must acquire a home insurance policy. Before changing or upgrading your policy or even acquiring one, you must take care of some factors such as the home insurance can protect the building of the house and the belongings inside the house, you can buy the policy for both of them or you can buy the insurances separately.

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