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Italian in Rome Italian belongs to the Romance language family which derives directly from Latin. Rome is the most important historical, cultural and religious city of Italy; it receives thousands of tourists every year. Add to this many students visit Rome in order to improve their Italian accent and know its culture and do some tourism. On the other hand there are other spoken languages in Rome such as Sicilian, Genovese, Toscano, Corso among others.

You can learn Italian in language schools which are located throughout Rome. Moreover you can get a natural accent, know idiomatic expressions speaking with native speakers.† If you cannot study Italian in Rome then we recommend you to study it online. There are several websites that provide distance learning programs, therefore you can study Italian at home. There are several websites that provide distance learning programs, therefore you can study Italian at home. It will be easier for you to learn Italian once in Italy if you have previous knowledge. Itís time to learn Italian!

Rome is considered as one of the most popular tourist destination by tourist, because it offers great museums, monuments, restaurants, churches, etc. Many overseas students visit Rome to learn more about its culture, history and language. Usually the vast majority of people who visit Rome do not speak a word of Italian; therefore they have to spend large amounts of money on interpreters.†† If you want to save money then it is better to learn Italian before travelling there. Usually some tourist can understand a little bit of Italian language, because many Italian words have a Latin origin.

However distance learning methods are improving, the experience of travelling to Rome is better by far. Hence Rome is the best place to learn Italian language, because other Italian cities have different dialects and accents. Furthermore language schools give a certificate of proficiency in Italian language to all students who finish the course successfully.

Finally Rome is one of the most important cities across Europe, it is also considered as an historical city that is why many European people visit this city.† We recommend you to learn Italian there as well as know more about its culture, folklore and history.

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