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Rome for Kids

The Eternal City, Rome, has a range of option for all tastes and budgets and ages, for people that visit the Capital of The Roman Empire; and since Kids, while traveling, are more exigent, the city has also developed great ways to give them an entertaining and absolutely not boring experience for their vacations. In order to satisfy their requirements and make them learn some of history and culture as they have fun time at the same moment.

Kids may be interested in climbing church domes, searching for gladiators, funding secret passageways or creepy skeletons and maybe try some pizza; they’ll be full of energy to explore and great interest in seeking and discovering how myths and legends come true along Rome streets and piazzas (public squares). You may have some patience with children, especially to get some ideas from them to enjoy the itinerary.

As the well-known phrase says: When in Rome, do as the Romans do; your kids will enjoy of meeting new people and enjoying some activities common in Rome, you can have a picnic with family, try a flavor of gelato, and stroll in the Coliseum and Roman forum or visit the Vatican and enjoy of activities designed especially for their age. In this guide we offer some activities and places recommended for you and your children.

Rome for Kids
Parks and outdoor activities Museums for kids Toys and clothing
Parks and outdoor activities
Your kids will enjoy of the activities designed for their ages in parks, gardens and other outdoor attractions.
Museums for kids
Museums have not to be boring; you can take your children and have a fun time while learning some history.
Toys and clothing
Rome will seem a paradise for your kids with the range of toys and clothing offered in Shopping centers.
Rome's puppet theatres La Bufana
Rome's puppet theatres
Rome is well-known for being a family-friendly destination that includes puppet theatres for kids.
La Bufana
Roman Kids know La Bufana as one of their preferred festivals; make your kids live this beautiful legend too.

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