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Museums in Rome

Rome is one of the most important cities due to its history and attractions scattered around the city, with ancient ruins and architecture and because is in itself an open-air museum that reflects history of the entire world. You'll find everything from ancient sculpture to modern art.

In this section of Rome Travel Guide we offer selected information on museums in Rome, divided into categories in order to help you choose what type of museum you’re interested to visit. Rome tourism office offers the option of the four museum combination ticket that includes the admission to the four National museums of Rome (Palazzo Altemps, Palazzo Massimo, Diocletian Baths, and Balbi Crypt), and make you save some money.

Rome Museums
Archaeology Museums Medieval and Modern Museums Vatican Museums
Archaeology Museums
Archaeology museums in Rome are impressive places where you will see a piece of all history of Rome.
Medieval and Modern Museums
Medial and modern museums are places in which you can learn some periods of history of the city.
Vatican Museums
Vatican museums include some sacred places with religious and art commissioned by Popes down through the centuries.
Science Museums Military Museums La Bufana
Science Museums
Include museums related to zoology, maths, history, botanic and more.
Military Museums
Include museums with rests of the military history of Rome
Municipal Archaeological Sites
Include memorial houses and archives and little museum with great historical value.
Rome Major Government Buildings Main Exhibition Areas Other Museums
Rome Major Government Buildings
Rome boasts several palazzos (palaces) from ancient times, considered as luxurious and noble houses.
Main Exhibition Areas
Places visited by many people due to its exhibitions and features of masterpieces in Rome.
Other Museums
Include other type of museums not related to other category, but very important to the city

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