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Pisa is province located in Toscana region, on the banks of Amo River. Pisa besides of his famous leaning tower has different and important artistic, history and folkloric patrimony, the famous scientific Galileo Galilee born here. The city was founded in V century B.C by Etruscans and was an important ally of Roma since III century B.C. However, Pisa was going to form part of Roma Empire on 180 B.C, therefore in the crusades, the city becomes more importance in Toscana. The city fall was in 1284 when the Genoese people defeated to Pisa navy on Meloria. After, Pisa was conquest by Florence in 1405.

Nowadays, the city is an important tourist center by his extraordinary celebrated monuments, the most important place is Campo dei Miracoli, here you can find the three monuments representative of Pisa, The Duomo, the Baptistery and the Leaning Tower. But Pisa is more than these attractions, the Piazza dei Cavalieri and his impressionist front, Santa Maria della Spina Church, one of the gothic buildings more representative around Italy or the todomundo Mural, show us the artistic monuments that Pisa has.

Pisa, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Pisa, Italy

All these aspects made of Pisa a medieval city, also it have one of the oldest university in Italy. The romantic style is a characteristic of all his buildings and monuments, However, Pisa is nature, too, because has the most important nature parks in Toscana likes Migliarino nature park, where the diversity and variety of fauna and flora species are spectacular, Of course, others nature attractive are his thermal baths and Berignone Fortress.

The Duomo, the Baptistery and the Leaning Tower.

The Duomo was building in 1122 with the financial money of Saracens spoil (Defeated part of Palermo battle in 1603), the structure is the maximum expression of Romanesque-Pisa architecture, his front has 4 levels of columns with little galleries. By contrast, the Baptistery was building in 1152 the structure has the same height of Pisa leaning tower and have a circular form with a pyramidal dome of 8 side with a John the Baptist sculpture.

The Leaning Tower was building in 1173 but in middle of construction, the works were interrupted because one tower side was sinking. At the moment, the first part of the tower project was finish. In 1350 the architectures in charge wanted continue the construction but the problem was increased. Therefore, any person could enter to tower until 2002, when specialist engineers straightened the tower a few degrees to put it able to receive visitants and tourist. An additional note, after of 294 echelons you can find the last level of tower, the belfry, where Galileo made his gravity experiments.

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