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Real Estate in Rome

Real Estate in Rome The market of real estate in Rome is governed by a group of laws. it is because almost always any real estate transaction invokes laws regarding civil rights, consumer protection, land use, and contracts. If you are planning on getting any kind of real estate transaction that involve any selling, buying or renting of some property, it is important to learn at least the basics of real estate law in Rome; in time It’ll represent an advantage during the search for any property.

Some common Real Estate issues in Rome

Financing: Most people have problems with how should be making a real estate negotiation, it is due to unknowledge of buying, selling or renting some property and the laws that are needed. Therefore, most entities use a mortgage to buy real estate.

Zoning: There are laws in each zone for new properties; these laws are generally designed to ensure that residential areas are clean and quiet as possible.

Duty of Disclosure: Agents of Real estate in Italy, or any real estate agent in the word have in the legal duty of being honest with the costumers before they buy the house. It is necessary to inform the buyer about any defect that the house could have.

Warranties: Every residential lease agreement in Rome has an implied warranty of habitability, the landlord has the legal obligation to ensurance that the house, apartment or flat is habitable. The basic requirements are electricity, running water and protections from the weather.

Mortgage in Rome

Mortgage is a type of secured loan. A loan is considered secured when there is any type of property attached to it. The main problem of this type of loan is that if you do not fulfill the payments the lender can seize your property.

A mortgage is a loan issued to buy a piece of real estate, with the same real estate serving as collateral. When people decide to refinance a home loan with a mortgage company, they do that in order to get a lower interest rate.

Before hiring any mortgage company, it is necessary to compare quotes from various Rome mortgage brokers and lenders in order to opt for the lowest mortgage rate, and keeping mortgage payments within limits.

Real estate schools

There is a variety of schools in the real estate market, in which you can learn more about real estate depending on the type of city; in each one of the real estate schools you’ll find lots of courses options, nowadays there are five categories of certification that can be held, depending on the functions that the individual is going to perform:
  1. Real Estate: Learning about sale and management of properties in the city or in the country.
  2. Stock and Station: Selling of farms and management of rural land.
  3. Business: Learning about  sale of businesses but not the property.
  4. Strata: Learning about management of isues of the owners’ corporation of strata property.
  5. On-site residential property manager: Learning about the management of a complex,  in which a person carries on a business for a reward.

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