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Lambís offal with artichokes

Buy the heart, lungs, and intestines of a little lamb. Fry in pan a little onion with some lard and add at least 2 lots of offal cut into fairly small pieces in the following order: first the lungs and the intestines, and after some minutes, when they are quite tough in texture, the heart and ultimately the liver. If they tend to ge hard, add half glass of white wine and let it evaporate. Season with salt, pepper, and the juice of a lemon. In the meantime cut 4 or 5 artichokes into long pieces and fry them in some lard, taking care not to let them get too dry. When tender, add them to the offal, cook all together for some minutes and remove the pan. Sprinkle over the frying mixture some parsley and some lemon joice.

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