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Nightlife in Rome

Maybe Rome isn't the hippest of capitals, but for those who know the right places, it is viable to party all night. Romans go out late and the fun only truly begins after dinner. Romans tend to use clothes more casual than their counterparts in Milan and Florence; however, most women do their best to look stunning for a night out.

Usually the nights of Rome begin with aperitif time in one of the several trendy clubs of the city centre. In any case, nightlife gets to its climax very late during the week as well as at weekends. Parties and shows in the clubs and bars do not ever commence before 22:30 and finish at sunrise at about 4 or 5 in the morning.


The legal drinking age in all Italy is 16 years old and the absence of licensing laws means that drinking is possible at all hours. Most wine-bars and birrerie stay open until 12:00 pm in winter and 02:00 am in summer. Nevertheless, in general, people are more interested in seeing and being seen - alcohol is almost an afterthought.

Café, Wine bars, nightclubs

The wine-bars and cafes located among Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona and Via della Pace are the places to appreciate. Irish pubs are also favorite with Italians and expats, and can be an interesting point for a fun and informal night out. The largest concentration of nightclubs is located in the Testaccio and Ostiense districts. One of the main drags in Testaccio, Via di Monte Testaccio, is virtually lined with bars, pubs, live music venues and clubs. In Ostiense the panorama has taken off in recent years and this is where to find some of the hippest new bars and so-called ristodisco, places where you can both eat and dance.

In the summer most nightclubs close down, and nightlife relocates to the seaside and to 'villages' around the edge of town.

Top 10 of Night life:

  1. Caffè Grecco - most distinguished cafe in Rome, funded in 1760 by a Greek. Famous politicians and artists meet here. - Via Condotti 86, tel. 6782554.
  2. Caffè della Pace - the happy few give a free show - closed on Sundays; Vicolo della Place 3-7, tel. 68801216.
  3. Selarum - cafe for beer, wine or an ice-cream - Via dei Fienaroli 12 (Trastevere), tel. 5806587.
  4. Caffè Latino - the hasj-shop of the hippies on the Testaccio - opens at 22:00, entreé.
  5. Clarabella - the ultimate place for Latin-American music - opened from 23:00; Via Cavour 313.
  6. Cavour 313 - all good wines in 313 - closed on Mondays; opened from 20:00-01:30; Piazza Pasquino 73.
  7. Jonathan's Angels - pleasant cafe filled with colorful frescos (try the toilet) - closed on Mondays; opened from 13:00 until 02:00; Via della Fossa 16, tel. 6893426.
  8. Mambo - music from Cuba and Brazil - closed on Sundays; opens at 21:00; Via dei Fienaroli 31a, Trastevere, tel. 5897196.
  9. Picasso Cafe - art and music gathers here - closed on Sundays; opened from 12:00 until 02:00; Piazza della Pigan 23, tel. 6788211.
  10. Yes Brasil - Samba and fruit juices - closed on Sundays; opened from 22:00 until 02:00; Via S. Francesco a Ripa 103, tel. 5816267.

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