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Shopping in Rome

Rome is a fantastic place for shopping, with a world of designers and several department stores all over the city. Rome is a cosmopolitan and affluent capital city for over 2000 years, Rome offers a multi-ethnic mix that is both attractive and explosive! Rome is home to a heterogeneous array of shopping opportunities.

Shops in Rome open their doors at 9am-1pm and 3.30-7.30pm (4-8pm in Summer), exclude on Sundays and Monday mornings. Grocery shops also close on Thursday afternoons.

Some bookshops (where people always met) and some clothes shops (around Campo dei Fiori, for example) open on Sundays, 10 am or 3-7 pm. August is according to tradition the month when small business takes their annual holiday.

In Rome, most shops and restaurants in Rome close their doors for about two weeks around 15th August.

  • Designer shopping
    For designer labels, the best area is among the Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna) and Via del Corso. Via dei Condotti, directly opposite the Spanish Steps, is home to many of the biggest names in fashion and jewellery. Along the network of colorful streets in either direction are scores of other shops where your credit card will take a battering.

  • Clothing - high street and boutiques
    For high street clothes shopping and cheap and cheerful fashion, try Via del Corso, Via Nazionale or the area between Ottaviano Metro and the Vatican. Stimulating boutiques with more striking fashions can be found along Via del Governo Vecchio, in the Centro Storico.

  • Souvenirs
    Souvenirs can be cast all over Rome at street stalls and in crowded shops. For kitsch gifts, the Vatican is the best alternative, with ranks of glow-in-the-dark Madonnas and holographic Pope Cards. Shops around Piazza Navona sell high-priced ceramics, and will organise shipping. Countless little shops all around the centre will sell you exciting pasta, sauces, and culinary specialties from all around Italy.

  • Antiques
    Antiques are large business in Rome, and evidently you should be sure of what you're purchasing. The best streets for antique shopping are Via dei Coronari, in the Centro Storico, and Via del Babuino (among Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps).

  • Books
    Observe our special page for English-language bookshops. For a good option of books in Italian, the branch of Feltrinelli at Largo Argentina is conveniently-placed for tourists.

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