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Weather in Rome

Roma has a Mediterranean weather, in other words, the eternal city has a temperate weather with hot summers, Of course, in spring and autumn, the temperature low in some grades, but not is so hard. These last weather stations, spring and autumn, are the rainiest station all year in November and April. Otherwise, the summer is hot humid and dry while winter is rainy and mild but with sudden temperature changes, a distinctive characteristic of Roma weather.

Perhaps, Roma has a perfect ventilated climate with many northerly winds of La Tramontana, El Grecale, El Maestrale, El Libeccio y El Ponentino, mounts of the city. Of course, the best time to visit Rome is during April to June and September to October, the weather during this period of time is around 19C, besides, in July and August the levels of temperature reach to 40C, in this time, Roma is very hot and dry but no is a problem for tourists and visitants. The rains can falls anytime but are very few.

Rome's average Temperatures (C)
  • January 7.4C
  • February 8.0C
  • March 11.5C
  • April 14.4C
  • May 18.4C
  • June 22.9C
  • July 25.7C
  • August 25.5C
  • September 22.4C
  • October 17.7C
  • November 13.4C
  • December 8.9C
C = (F - 32) multiplied by 5/9

Autumn Weather in Rome

Without fail, Romans suggest that the best time to arrival to Rome is from mid-September to October. Of course, it might rain, but the weather takes really nice temperatures, even if we perceived a tiny bit chilly at night. Almost no one promotes November, but some people had very good luck the last few years with weather in the first half of November.

Spring Weather in Rome

May enjoys of almost the same temperatures as October, and April, while you're probable to feel chilly at night, is almost as good. March weather is practically changeable, becoming more invariable in April.

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