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Schools in Rome

Military schools

Military schools in Rome

Schools of military help to form the discipline, many parents turn of military schools as an option to educate their children, specially the teenagers. If you would like to do the service military or service to your country, you could study a military career and work in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps or as Coast Guards.
Law schools

Law schools in Rome

The institution specialized in the legal education is a law School, the degree is given to students who complete studies successfully, the career in the law schools usually take three or four years, a lawyer could be a Judge, Jurist, Attorney, Magistrate, Prosecutor or Paralegal.
Flight schools

Flight schools in Rome

Flying an aircraft is an incredible experience, the Flight Schools are institutions to form the future pilots of aircrafts, some people only study for fun and others study it as a profession, and if you choose a pilot career you should find a job in a commercial Airline or maybe as a private pilot.
Pilot schools

Pilot schools in Rome

If your passion is flying and if you want learn about the aviation industry, then, at a School of pilot you will find a career that you will love. The Pilot Schools offer a balance of theory classes and training, also you can study in a pilot school for hobby.
Technical schools

Technical schools in Rome

If you are looking a short career, Technical Schools are the best alternatives; technical education provides the needed skills to develop in a specific job, the careers with more demand are massage therapy, medical assistant, computer electronics, graphic design and culinary arts.
Boarding schools

Boarding schools in Rome

Also called Residential Education, the boarding schools are private institutions where students live in the school, usually have classes from Monday to Friday, and on weekends they participate in extracurricular activities, the student's parents can visit their children when they want with a director permission.
Trade schools

Trade schools in Rome

If you don't want to study many years and want to find a specific employment, in the trade schools  you can find courses that training toward a particular career, the most popular programs are nursing, culinary, computer, electricians, welding, biomedical, design and beauty.
Massage schools

Massage schools in Rome

The relax industry is growing rapidly because it plays an important role in the human health, therefore, demand of massage therapists is also increasing, the Massage Schools offer programs such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractor, hypnotherapy, reflexology, therapeutic massage, somatic, herbalist, etc

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