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Sports in Rome

Before practice any sport, it is important to undergo a medical examination which guarantees that we can practice any sport without any risk to our health. We also have to consider some facts as our BMR or Basal metabolic rate. What is basal metabolic rate? It is an index that indicates the amount of calories we expend depending on our height, weight, gender or level of sporting activity. Ski Resorts in Rome Ski Resorts in Rome
Italy has a high number of resorts, and it has a beautiful winter in the Apennines that is impossible not to enjoy the snow during the coldest season of the year. Rome, in particular, is very close to these entertainment centers where visitors can relax their minds in the middle of a white oasis with all the amenities that are needed to satisfy the most demanding taste.

The ski resorts are specially equipped to enjoy the snow and different winter activities involved. These huge complexes also offer ski lessons to begineers and professionals.

Since most visitors tend to be people who are looking for adventure or leisure; ski resorts offer a variety of options for different tastes. You can find bars, indoor pools, pubs, etc. But undoubtedly, the most sought after services are offered by the ski schools that offer different alternatives for students. From simple programs for children to more complex courses for the more experienced.

Undoubtedly, a winter holiday in these recreation centers are a good excuse to enjoy the coldest season in a different and fun place with family or friends.

Marinas in Rome

Marinas in Italy Rome's proximity to the sea attracts tourists who want to visit Italy thanks to the beaches of Lazio. Among the most popular places in Rome, you can find Ostia, Anzio, and Neptune where you will find places open to the public as well as exclusive clubs with a restricted access. Castel Porziano is one of the most popular beaches, while Gambrius is one of the most exclusive, not only for its natural beauty, but also for the excellent services that it offers. You can also find multiple marinas and a surprising variety of restaurants.

Marinas provide security and maintenance services to vessels and boats while the owners enjoy the luxurious facilities that offer endless options for relaxation. That is why the Italy Marinas are so prominent and acclaimed by local and international tourists.

Diving Schools in Rome

A very common activity on the beaches near Rome are water sports such as scuba diving, and one of the best known diving sites is the Costacuti Reef in Anzio.
People who practice scuba diving can enjoy an incredible view of the ocean where they can find the red gorgonian at an approximate depth of 30 meters, plus a variety of colorful fishes.

Immersion in this place can enjoy an incredible ocean view where the most important ones are the red gorgonian at an approximate depth of 30 meters, plus a variety of colorful fish. But not only can dive on the beach, near Rome a different option but just as surprising, the Pozzo del Merro. This geological monument is located within the nature reserve Macchia del Barco and according to studies, it has an approximate depth of 400 meters where you can see an amazing variety of marine species.

In either case, you can enjoy a beautiful natural setting that is rarely seen. If you are interested in this new experience, but you cannot dive, do not worry; in Rome there are many diving schools that offer different programs for you to choose the one that best that suits your needs and requirements.

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