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Tivoli is located on the Aniene River to the east of Rome city, in the Monti Tiburtini hills where the climate is more moderate than Rome's. For this reason, the area was famous from ancient epoches onwards with Rome's moneyed classes, who built summer retreats in the area. As the town was on a principal trading route from Rome to the Abruzzi, Tivoli has regularly been a major settlement. Modern Tivoli has a population of 50,000 inhabitants, and extends far beyond the crumblingly picturesque historical centre. In the suburb of Bagni di Tivoli, on the plains below the town centre, it is still viable to bathe in natural thermal springs. The fourth century BC town wall is still visible, as are temples from the second century BC.

There are several things to do in Tivoli for a day, even if they miss out one of the 2 popular villas. Travellers with enthusiasm to observe all the sights of the area should note that the Villa Adriana is actually a bus ride outside town; and they may find their day tired to an uncomfortable length. Some visitors elect to stay in Tivoli, away from the commotion of Rome; if you are very interested on spending a long time at the monuments, or planning to travel onwards through Italy this may be an option worth considering.

Tivoli Travel and Tourist Information

Tivoli Tourist Information Office is located in Piazza Garibaldi very near of the main bus stop and the Villa d'Este. Even if it's closed, you may be able to acquire maps and information.

Cotral buses operate from Rome to Tivoli. Take Metro Linea B to Ponte Mammolo, where you can catch the bus - there are machines, a ticket desk and a newsagent in the station area where you can buy tickets ( 1.60 in September 2004), which you then stamp in the machine offered onboard. The trip is around 40 minutes long, though it can last longer as traffic is frequently bad. A few buses each day take the autostrada, resulting in the speediest journey.

Tivoli Festivals and Events

  • 10th - 28th February: It is Carnival time, and floats and masked groups in costume parade through Tivoli's streets.

  • 5th - 30th April: Cultural, artistic and sporting events take place to celebrate the traditional anniversary of the founding of Tivoli. Special guided tours of the monuments are also organized.

  • May: On the first Sunday in May a holy image of the Madonna is carried through the streets of Tivoli in a procession that ends at the Cathedral.

  • July: At the beginning of the month a Jazz Festival takes place in the piazzas of the historic town.

  • 10th August - St. Lawrence is the patron saint of Tivoli, and his Saint's Day is celebrated with a mass and a procession, followed by outdoors events and dancing.

  • 10th - 30th September - Tivoli holds a Festival to celebrate the grape harvest, with floats, an art exhibition and tastings.

Tivoli, Italy
Tivoli, Italy
Tivoli, Italy
Tivoli, Italy

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